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How do I import raw image file?

Posted 10 years ago

I am trying to import an 1024 x 1024 raw image from a CCD. The image lookes as follows enter image description here

Importing with Import["test.bin", "RawBitmap", ImageSize -> {1024,1024}]

gives an error message.

Import["test.bin", "RawBitmap", ImageSize ->1024] works, but gives a somewhat altered image (1024 x 2048 px!): enter image description here

Any ideas what happened here? I would love to provide the sample file "test.bin", but the format is not supported. Regards, Constanze

2 Replies

The last example in this tutorial shows how to use Wolfram LibraryLink and LibRaw to import Raw images.

POSTED BY: Piotr Wendykier
Posted 10 years ago

Maybe using LibraryLink to create a c++ library,which read your CCD image with the help of LibRaw, convert CCD image to MImage_new2D and return to Mathematica Language.

Wolfram LibraryLink User Guide is what you need.

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