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I need help obtaining the workbench.

Posted 10 years ago

Hi everyone, I bought the student edition and premier service. So , after I finished the installation and registration of mathematica, I start to download the free workbench, however the system warn me that I need to register my mathematica firstly before downloading the workbench. But I really have registrated it. So, anyone know what the problem is ?

POSTED BY: a0120177 Liang
3 Replies

I did not find emails from your email address for Customer Service or Technical Support.

Is Chat not accessible due to the time zone difference?

I forwarded your request to Customer Service. Feel free to email them directly yourself (

Some manual processing happens between on-line registration and when the database is ready for additional requests. It may be that the problem will be resolved soon anyway.

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller

I would contact customer support:

It's hard for me to know what the problem might be, but customer support can fix this kind of thing usually via chat or phone pretty quickly.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke

Thank you for your apply.

I have send two emails to the customer support, but they still do not reply me. The online chat is still not available! !!!!! So crazy! Is this the wolfram company?

Does wolfram know this?

POSTED BY: a0120177 Liang
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