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How can I define function with another function?

Hi, I'm trying to learn using Mathematica and I can't figure out, how to insert a function into another function definition.


The result is

"Tag Plus is Protected."

I found some examples of this error like

But I can't see, how this is related, because I don't try to give a new definition to a protected symbol.

Sorry for a dumb question, but I'm used to work in Maple and it works there with no problem. Thanks for any advice.

POSTED BY: Milan Žák
2 Replies

It works now. Thank you very much. I didn't think of that.

POSTED BY: Milan Žák

On my system it works fine. The error message is probably from a conflict between your current assignement for Ampl and Equation and some other assignments that you gave earlier in the session and that is still in memory. Try with Clear[Ampl,Equation]; Ampl[t_] := A*Exp[Alpha*t] Equation[t_] := -5*Exp[-4*Ampl[t]] + 3*Ampl[t] - 4*Ampl[t]^2 + 2

POSTED BY: Gianluca Gorni
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