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ExcelLink "ToFileName"

Posted 10 years ago

Getting files:

In[2]:=  f = ToFileName[{ExcelDirectory["Link"], "Examples"}, "Stocks.xls"]
Out[2]= C:\Documents and Settings\Anton\Application Data\Mathematica\Applications\ExcelLink\Examples\Stocks.xls

My file on my computer is "This PC\Documents\FRB Forms\14A\2015 Params"

This workbook has 6 spreadsheets. Do i need to include one?

POSTED BY: Eric Spahr
2 Replies
Posted 10 years ago

Yes, to import workbook and work with spreadsheets it contains. The workbook has 6 sheets with about 1100 cells per sheet. I am planning to make a template which work on all of the cells with a specific model to each..

POSTED BY: Eric Spahr

What is the goal? Importing from these files? Performing arithmetic with the resulting matrix?

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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