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Video tutorial on the Wolfram Language available

Posted 10 years ago

Wolfram Research has prepared a 3 part video tutorial (starring me LOL as lecturer) on the Fundamentals of the Wolfram Language. it can be viewed at

and at

there are both a notebook and a pdf (42 pages long) containing the material presented in the video and it is a good idea to download it (links are provided to it at the sites), print it our and use it to follow along with the lecture. it also is a a good reference source to have around, and it's free.

i hope this is useful to the community. it sure was fun for me to learn the Wolfram Language (WL), to use it to write code in 4 books and to teach it for many years.

happy hacking.

POSTED BY: Richard Gaylord
3 Replies

Yes it was! Very much appreciated!

I would really like to take some full term classes with direct access to an experienced instructor to speed up my learning, but I haven't been able to find any here in the U.S. besides some of workshops at Wolfram. I would take a few at Wolfram but the cost vs time with an instructor is a deterrent to me. A full term college course or multiweek workshop would suit my needs if there is such a thing offered.

Your videos have helped me learn the fundamentals of the language so that I have a better understanding of how the software works. It was very enlightening. This should help me speed up my learning. Thanks again!

POSTED BY: Michael McCain

thanks very much. fyi: i received no reimbursement whatever for presenting this material ; in fact, i initiated the offer to do it and it took a greeat deal of persistence by me to get it made. i think it was well worth it (at least i enjoyed giving it).

POSTED BY: Richard Gaylord

I'm working through your tutorials. Thank you so much for sharing. They are done very well.

POSTED BY: Michael McCain
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