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Sharing Demonstrations in site of diffusion of Astronomy and research

Posted 10 years ago

Dear Friends,

I intend put some demonstrations of celestial mechanics and fundamental astronomy in the following site: It is an organization of amateur astronomer that are doing a great job in meteor detection and astrometry. So as I decide help this network, I think to share the beautiful and didactic astronomy demonstrations. For instructions purposes I d like to know the possibilities , and if there is any implications for authoring issues etc..

Of course, any demonstration will have the citation and the link sources.


the site:

POSTED BY: Marcelo De Cicco
2 Replies

Thank you, is exactly demo from Wolfram demos, but I will translate them to portuguese.

POSTED BY: Marcelo De Cicco

If you mean "demonstrations" as in , it would be good to ask the Demonstrations site people, via the "give feedback" link in the lower-right corner of the page, before doing much copying.

If you want to make demonstrations available on another web page, copy the link to the new page, not the whole demonstration.
See , the sections
- Can I reproduce material from the site elsewhere? and
- How do I embed a Demonstration on my website or blog?

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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