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Plot pole and zero of transfer function in version 10.0

Posted 5 years ago
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how to display pole and zero locations of transfer function without parameters, in version 8 there is RootLocusPlot command to Achieve this but in version 10.0 it doesn't work without parameters and we should determine k parameter between kmin & kmax. help me in version 10.0

2 Replies

You can make the parameter a dummy -- it does not have to appear in the transfer function. The most confusing thing is that by default RootLocusPlot assumes a negative feedback loop around the transfer function. For me, by the time I want to do a root locus plot I have already developed the closed loop transfer function. So I set the FeedbackType to None.

tf = TransferFunctionModel[{{{{-40}}}, {{{-5 - 10 I, -5 + 
        10 I, -20}}}, {{1}}}, s];

RootLocusPlot[tf, {k, 0, 1}, FeedbackType -> None]
Posted 5 years ago

You can also use Control`PoleZeroPlot.


enter image description here

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