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Suggestion bar hidden in Mathematica 9

Posted 10 years ago

I have Mathematica 9 Home Edition. My operating system is Windows XP Professional SP3 Recently, I have noticed the following problem: the suggestion bar, that usually appears after each calculation, is no longer displayed, although (I've just verified it) the box "show suggestion bar after last output" on the interface setting page is checked. May the correct working of the software be affected anyway (I don't think so, since the program seems to work correctly)? However, how can I eliminate this problem? Thank you in advance.

2 Replies

The grey arrow in this photo is a minimised suggestion bar. It exists next to the brackets at the right hand side of the notebook. Do you see such a grey arrow in your notebook? If you click it, the suggestion bar will appear.

grey arrow

If you don't see the grey arrow, I would suggest resetting Mathematica's preferences to their installation defaults:

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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