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Wolfram Virtual Conference 2014 -- happening this week

Posted 10 years ago

If you missed the recent Wolfram Technology Conference, you have another chance to hear from some of our developers attending

Wolfram Virtual Technology Conference 2014

that will air on Thursday, November 13th. I'll be starting it off with short overview of what's new in Mathematica 10, followed by some time for questions. Then there will be two separate streams, "Applications of Wolfram Technology" and "Latest Advances in Wolfram Technologies", featuring some of our key developers who will also hang around to take questions after their talks.

It would be great to see some of you there and if you have colleagues who are not yet using Wolfram technologies, do forward the link to them -- it will be a great chance to get them started!


enter image description here

POSTED BY: Jon McLoone
9 Replies

Videos and presentation notebooks are available from the event resources page (see the link to videos at the bottom of the page):


POSTED BY: Jamie Peterson
Posted 10 years ago

Hi Emily,

Doh! Should have thought of that! Thanks for clearing that up. I can see it all now.

Thanks again,


POSTED BY: Anthony Miller
Posted 10 years ago

Hi, I attended the rebroadcast of the conference last evening. Really great and was particularly interested in the Telescope demo (using a Raspberry Pi to control it) from Tom Sherlock. I downloaded a copy of the notebook on the events page this morning, but alas, this notebook only appears to have a single page within it and 4 lines of text.

Is it possible to verify the notebook and let me know if there is an update to it please. I'm sure I can find the information elsewhere, but this precisely covered my interest in one presentation!

BTW - The other notebooks open perfectly.

Thanks in advance,


POSTED BY: Anthony Miller
Posted 10 years ago

Hi Anthony,

Sorry to have posted the notebook with cells collapsed. You should be able to view the content in the notebook you already have by mousing over and double-clicking any brackets with arrows. This will expand the cells.

In the meantime, we'll clean this up and upload a notebook that's less confusing.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


POSTED BY: Emily Suess

The Wolfram Virtual Conference Rebroadcast takes place on Tuesday, January 27. This is an opportunity to attend talks from two conference tracks and ask your questions to Wolfram developers and staff. Hope to see you there!

POSTED BY: Jamie Peterson

is it possible to put the videos of the presentation somewhere so that everyone can watch them? thanks

POSTED BY: Nasser M. Abbasi

Looking forward to your keynote later today!

POSTED BY: Jane Shaw-Browne

I can watch all the talks I missed now, pretty good.

POSTED BY: Anthony Zupnik

I love the idea of virtually being able to have access to the best talks from the Technology Conference! I bet it will be a buzzing event, just like it was in Champaign! Looking forward to it

POSTED BY: Rita Crook
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