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Exporting 3ds model from mathematica

Posted 10 years ago

Hi, I'm an architect I don't know much about mathematica but I'm trying to learn how to use it. The geometry is quite interesting for me to use in architectural forms so I need to export some demonstrations into 3ds models. Is there anybody who can help me about it?

POSTED BY: Aysu Aysoy
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Posted 9 years ago

When you export the model to 3ds max, you can move them individually by poly modelling (converting the model to editable poly), if I got the question right. Besides you can check this discussion ;

POSTED BY: Aysu Aysoy
Posted 9 years ago

I am interested in importing models from 3ds max -

Import["C:\MyWorks\3dsMax\project30314one\export/wolfram.3ds.\ gz", ImageSize -> Medium]

Have you managed to interact with objects - and get them to move individually.


It's quite easy. Here is a 3D structure:

graphics = Graphics3D[{
   Cone[{{.5, .5, 1}, {.5, .5, 1.5}}, .5],
   Sphere[{.5, .5, 1.75}, .25]
   }, Boxed -> False]

3D structure

This exports the structure in 3DS format:

Export["geometry.3ds", graphics]

You can also specify the format explicitly if it isn't clear from the file name:

Export["geometry.3ds", graphics, "3DS"]

This will then open the file with the default application on your system for 3DS files (% denotes the last output):



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