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"Can anyone suggest how I stop this message every time I open M10?"

Posted 10 years ago

An option ("DebuggerSettingsBreakpointsWindowSize->{Full, Full}") was encountered with a right-hand side value out of the supported range for this option.

POSTED BY: David Mackay
2 Replies

Hi David-that fixed it. Many thanks for the prompt response.

POSTED BY: David Mackay

Go into the Option Inspector (the Format >Option Inspector... menu item) and set the scope to Global. Then in the search box type in DebuggerSettings

A bunch of sub-options under DebuggerSettings will appear. Next to the BreakpointsWindowSize sub-option there is a pulldown menu. Select Automatic under this menu to reset things. Quit Mathematica and restart. See if this corrects the issue.

POSTED BY: David Reiss
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