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Using EmbedCode with Google Docs

Posted 9 years ago
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This post is related to an earlier post on this topic, but it is written (and meant to be read) as a standalone post.

Starting with Mathematica 10.0.1 (and also available in the Wolfram Programming Cloud) you can use "GoogleDocs" as an EmbedCode environment. For example you can do the following:

EmbedCode[ APIFunction[ {"x"->"Number"}, #x^2& ], "GoogleDocs"]

enter image description here

Now open Google Docs ( and open a new spreadsheet (select "Sheets" from the top left menu):

enter image description here

Next, click the circled (+) in the bottom right of the window to start a new spread sheet:

enter image description here

Now open the 'Script editor...' by selecting it from the Tools menu:

enter image description here

Switch back to Mathematica and click the 'Copy to Clipboard' button from the EmbedCode object output cell.

Then paste the code into the script editor windows ( file), overwriting the small code template that is already present in that windows. Then save the file:

enter image description here

Now switch back to the spreadsheet and click on cell A1 and type:


enter image description here

And then hit enter. The cell A1 will display loading for a short while and then display the answer of 42^2:

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Arnoud Buzing
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