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How can i export a 3D Scatterplot to .maya?

Posted 10 years ago


iam a very beginner at working with Mathematica. I have the following question: I want to visualize a 3D Cluster Analysis and export it to a .maya file for opening in Unity. But if i want to export the 3D Object to .maya i get the error message "Graphics3D contains no data that can be exported to the Maya format.".

My code are the following:

ListPointPlot3D[FindClusters[RandomReal[{-5, 5}, {1000, 3}], 4], PlotStyle -> PointSize[0.01]]

With this, i get an Object, which i have attached as a picture to this thread. If i want to export it to a .maya file, i get the descripted error.

I think, this has to do, with the non-existence of surfaces for my points. Can i "convert" my object to an object with surfaces or are there any other solution for my problem?

Thank you in advance,


POSTED BY: Patrick Klose

You could use Sphere: instead of point:

Export["", % /. {Point[a_] :> Sphere[a, 0.1]}]

but this could be a bit slow - check with a few points first.

POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
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