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Please help! Why won't Mathmatica plot this function?

Posted 10 years ago

Hi fellow Wolfram groupies,

This is my first time posting a question. I do not understand why Mathmatica refuses to plot the following functions. There is no error message, but the evaluated plots are simply blank. I appreciate any help.

Plot[5/2 + (3354/T)^2 (e^(-3354/T)/(1 - e^(-3354/T))^2), {T, 0, 2500}]

Plot[5/2 + (306.3/T)^2 (e^(-306.3/T)/(1 - e^(-306.3/T))^2), {T, 0, 2500}]

POSTED BY: Evan Coon
3 Replies

Also you are dividing by 0, when T is 0. Try

Plot[5/2 + (3354/t)^2 (E^(-3354/t)/(1 - E^(-3354/t))^2), {t, 1, 2500}]

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Marvin Ray Burns

Also, I would not start a variable name with a capital letter. Although this is not illegal, a number of capital letters have predefined functions in Mathematica/Wolfram language. In this case, nothing pops up in the documentation, but to be on the safe side, remember that all built-in functions start with a capital letter, and to make sure there is no possibility of a conflict, your variables and functions should start with a lower case.

Note that the examples Wolfram provides does not always follow that guidance.

The base of natural logarithms in Mathematica is E, not e.

POSTED BY: Frank Kampas
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