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Problem with IE11 and Mathematica online

Posted 10 years ago

Hello all,

Long time desktop Mathematica user, but just began with Mathematica online today. I successfully executed online everything in a "ThingsToTry.nb" notebook.

However subsequent attempts to view that notebook from the cloud-saved version or even starting afresh with an original version do not display correctly in ie11.

By an original version, I mean the one at the lower right at this url:

The problem is: in every function that contain option specifications like "titles -> contents", the right arrow is missing in the display. Attempts to manually enter such an arrow also unsuccessful.

Probably something silly, but any suggestions?

POSTED BY: Alan Lewis
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Posted 10 years ago

Update. There is definitely a problem with the display of the symbol for [Rule] in ie11. When I enter an option in an expression literally with [Rule], the display turns it into a blank, but the expression executes correctly. So, the symbol is "there", just not being visibly displayed. Trying to reformat the cell with different fonts or font sizes doesn't help.

ha!, even in this post there is a problem. My original post shows a "left backslash", a "bracket", and then the word "Rule". When the post is published the "left backslash" character is missing.

POSTED BY: Alan Lewis

You need to put formatted content in using the formatting tools at the top of the input area on this forum. The backslash is reserved for something when used in-line, I believe. It's not a bug, it's a feature ;-)

POSTED BY: David Reiss
Posted 10 years ago

Thanks -- any thoughts on the issue with Mathematica online?

p.s. I have put the issue to Wolfram Technical Support also

POSTED BY: Alan Lewis
Posted 10 years ago

This display issue seems to be fixed. Great! Now I can resume playing around.

POSTED BY: Alan Lewis
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