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Connected Devices: code and webcams

I am very much interested in the Connected Devices topic and just checked the web site. It contains numerous devices but it is entirely unclear to me if there is any code to address the devices?

Even one the most obvious of external devices on a computer, the webcam is not very well implemented. Trying to access it with DeviceOpen, DeviceRead and DeviceClose crashes the kernel regularly. A list of parameters or a status cannot be generated. I am aware of the "Tinker Forge Weather Station" implementation.

Have I missed a major site or link in the Mathematica web space?

This looks like a job for Technical Support. ( or

Essential information to include is the OS and OS level, and the Camera make and model.

Developers suggested,

   - The usual OS log may be useful, but even more useful would be a detailed description of the user system, and any optional arguments to DeviceOpen and DeviceRead that could let us reproduce the crash. 

  - I think he is also asking for a list of supported devices.  We can refer to the Camera, Serial, Tinkerforge and Raspicam device pages.
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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