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using wolfram alpha for code search

Posted 10 years ago

ok I'm new here and maybe this was discussed but I could't find anything on this topic neither on wolfram search nor on google.... so I am a web developer and use search engines(google 99.9999%) mainly for finding code: api documentations, examples,
posts on relevant topic in forums (stackoverflow ~90%),

also news an reviews on various new technologies (electronics) their spec and prices and comparing them; I also do serch

I dot think that my needs are extremely unique these days, and I thought that wolfram search could give me some more insights whats out there on the web regarding my interests, but this is what I get: (screanshots) wa: google:

wa: google:

google actually helps alot while wolfram wont find anything. of course google was my main search engine since I started using the internet so I am familiar with it and I am logged in to my google acc via some device 24/7 for about 5 years so it might know a thing or 2 about me and my interest also my whole search history and tt. my question is how should I use wolfram search to get the most relevant results in the things I'm interested (described above 3-code related 2- new tech related) maybe there is some advanced search form or I could set something in my profile may be import something like browsing history/ some other google data to help wolfram know what I want. or is it a thing that I am formulating questions the wrong way? I ask this because all I could find was "ask anything" or examples like : I relay believe it can do more, what am I missing?

Wolfram|Alpha is not a general search engine. The slogan is "Computational knowledge engine".

I typed

solve x^2+5x-8=0 

into and it did not give the roots, just a bunch of web sites. returned the roots and a plot of the curve.

The examples page you provided a link for has an example,

Notable Computers ››
get information about a notable computer
Apple II

It says notable computers. Specific ones that history buffs would be the most likely to look for.
It does not know about the mainframe Univac 1100/40, which played a bigger role in my career.

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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