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How do I get a hello world project in Wolfram Workbench on Mac?

Posted 10 years ago

I have basic question about using Wolfram Workbench. I started a project and wrote a simple test method into the m fileenter image description here

I then hit run, at which the project 19% loaded: enter image description here

And this warning:

enter image description here

However, Mathematica did launch, contrary to the warning. enter image description here

However, the function did not work inside Mathematica. enter image description here

I also went and checked the file location, and it was exactly where the warning said it may not be enter image description here

I am lost on what to do about this error, any ideas would be appreciated.

POSTED BY: Brent Halonen
2 Replies


I'm using Mathematica 10.0.0, Workbench 2.0, and MacOS 10.10.

Thanks for the advice, I will contact support.

POSTED BY: Brent Halonen

Workbench, Mathematica, and MacOS versions?

If this is with Workbench 2 and Mathematica 10, there is a patch. Contact - include a description of the problem, the versions (including OS version), and your Mathematica's Activation Key or License Number.

(In Mathematica and Wolfram Finance Platform, you can find your activation key by evaluating the command:


Alternatively, you can find your activation key in the Mathematica menu or Help menu under ¬ďAbout Mathematica¬Ē.)

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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