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Mathematica 10.0.2 Upgrade Procedure and Schedule?

Posted 10 years ago

I am currently using Mathematica 9 (My system is Windows 7) and refused to upgrade to 10.0.0 because of a bunch of errors I experienced on other machines. Now I heard the 10.0.2 bugfix was released 2 days ago, see

I was trying to get the Trial from to check if the version is stable enough for my calculations, but on the final download site at I was offered the old version 10.0.1 instead.

My question: can I upgrade to 10.0.2 after installing 10.0.1 with a patch, or will I have to reinstall the full 2 GB and uninstall 10.0.1 first? If so, I'd rather wait until the site is updated properly.

My suggestion: updating the website (except the newest version isn't available for Windows yet)

Thanks in advance,


POSTED BY: Simon Tyran
7 Replies
Posted 10 years ago

The same here. When will it be available in Russia for example? And does it's appearance depend on the country or what is the division at all then (I mean the priority for different users to get a new version)?

POSTED BY: fowl fowl

Hi, When is the latest version available for download from test mode? Best Regards,

There isn't a beta program for Mathematica currently. Typically, beta-test programs are for major releases.

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller

Thank you for anwer, But i need Mathematica 10.0.2 and the trial version in my download is 10.0.1. I have requested several times the 10.0.2 trial, but versiĆ³n 10.0.1 still appears. Best Regards.

User Portals are updated in groups so we don't get a million people hitting the servers the same day.

If you want your 10.0.2 expedited, contact Customer Service. (The page calls them "Customer Support".)

Upgrades are sent as complete Mathematica installations. In special cases, there can be patched files available for specific problems.

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
Posted 10 years ago

I just installed 10.0.1 which I bought and downloaded on 12-5-2014. When I use the menus or enter formulas, my CPU usage jumps to 12% and stays there. The only way to stop it is to completely exit M10 and return.

Where can I download 10.0.2? I can't find the download link anywhere and I cannot find any upgrade command in M10.0.1.


Don't know about Windows, but on the Mac, each update is the complete app -- all 2.25 Gbytes. It has pretty much always been that way.

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