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Is it possible to solve an equation containing an infinite expression?

Dear All,

May I ask you? If I have an equation as follows:

y[t_]:= x[t] Exp[x[t]]

where x = 1/z and z varies from 0 to a certain number. Thus, some values of x contains "Complex Infinity" when z = 0. Thus, when I tried to solve the above equation, I got error messages i.e. "Infinity::indet: "Indeterminate expression E^ComplexInfinity encountered."

Then, may I know if basically it is possible to solve an equation contains complex infinity? If yes, may I know what kind of command need to be add on to deal with that matter? Thanks in advance for your help.

Best Regards, Intan

3 Replies

Yes, it is possible. As soon as you have an equation we might be in the position to help you further. Have fun!

POSTED BY: Alexei Boulbitch

Dear Daniel,

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately I do not have the exact equation yet. I need to create that equation by myself by considering several parameters, i.e. 1 response variable with several explanatory variables.

So in my example of above equation, y is the response variable and I just put 1 explanatory variable i.e. x. However, later on I may have to modify it, so I am still doing trial and error to consider what parameters to be considered.

However, what I want to know is whether it is possible or not for solving an equation that contains Complex Infinity. The equation is a function of time, and at certain times, I have these Complex Infinity values. So if theoretically it is not possible for solving an equation contains Complex Infinity, then I will consider to change the explanatory variables themselves.

So please kindly let me know if you have further comments on this matter. Thanks for your attention.

Best Regards, Intan


What was the equation you tried to solve? What was the code used that gave that warning message?

Absent crucial details such as these, the best answer I can give is "maybe".

POSTED BY: Daniel Lichtblau
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