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Import with Login

Posted 10 years ago

How does one import data from an URL which requires login?

How do we proceed if the login is done through another site e.g. Facebook?

POSTED BY: Sandu Ursu
Posted 9 years ago

Hi, everyone!

Not so long time ago, I was able to login on facebook and get the data I was interested in following the procedure described by WReach here:

which for facebook could be summarised in 2 steps:

1 - assign values to the parameters:

$parametersfb = {"email" -> "", "pass" -> "password"};

2 - import data given the parameters:

Import["", "Data", 
 "RequestMethod" -> "POST", "RequestParameters" -> $parametersfb]

This is no longer possible. Can anyone help me understand why?

POSTED BY: Sandu Ursu
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