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Export formulas as images to excel

Posted 10 years ago


Is there a way to export a formula written with Mathematica to an XLS file. I tried to do so, but the formula changes its appearance a lot when exported. For example subscripts would appear as words rather than notations. I tried to convert formulas to images before exporting them. But then, when I open the exported excel sheet, only file names, which contain the formulas images, appear rather than the images themselves.


3 Replies

Similar to the original post, except I want to programmatically direct my Mathematica 13.2.1 front-end to export TraditionalForm expressions as images or (better) as a MathML to Excel version 16.72. For example:

modelC2 = HoldForm[Plus[M,Times[A[1],Cos[Plus[Times[Times[2,Pi,Power[\[Tau][1],-1]],t],\[Phi][1]]]],Times[A[2],Cos[Plus[Times[Times[2,Pi,Power[\[Tau][2],-1]],t],\[Phi][2]]]]]];

How would I go about exporting modelC2 to Excel programmatically from within Mathematica preserving its TraditionalFormat in Excel?

NOTE: Applying a ReleaseHold on modelC2 and then exporting it to Excel does work, except that I've lost the TraditionalForm format. I've had zero success exporting MathMLFormat @ modelC2, although when I manually copy and past the MathML code from Mathematica to Excel, it almost works -- but I do not want to do that manual copying and pasting with hundreds of formulas.

POSTED BY: A. Chase Turner
Posted 10 years ago

One possibility is to highlight the formula (or any text) of interest and then from the Edit menu select Copy As and then select Metafile (Edit/Copy As/Metafile). Then paste into Excel.

POSTED BY: Jim Baldwin
Posted 10 years ago

Thanks for your reply. The method, you suggested, worked perfectly. And it seems that I am going to use it. However, I was hoping that the Mathematica-Command "Export" can do that automatically, since I have a list of formulas that I want to export to Excel.


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