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Setting default directory in SystemDialogInput[] under Windows 7 ?

Posted 10 years ago

Hi Everyone,

Well the question is almost in the title... I am building an interactive NoteBook with user access to local files that I want to store in the local directory defined by NoteBookDirectory[],

The SystemDialogInput["FileOpen"] works well but I could not find a way to put an init value for the path the SystemDialogInputs opens in. Actually I want to force it to NotebookDirectory[]...

I suppose it is highly system dependent, so it is not easy to find it in the tutorial/CreatingDialogBoxes.

Thanks for your help

Christian Néel

POSTED BY: Christian Neel
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Thank you very much David! It works very well.


POSTED BY: Christian Neel
Posted 10 years ago

The optional 2nd argument. This is in Win 7 x64.for a default of c:\temp.

SystemDialogInput["FileOpen", "c:\\temp"]

And this for NotebookDirectory

SystemDialogInput["FileOpen", NotebookDirectory[]]
POSTED BY: David Keith
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