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Help for PlotLegend font size

Hello all,

I attach a notebook.

The numbers on the axis are too small and the mu_Y in the legend also. Can someone help me solve this.

Kind regards.

4 Replies
PlotLabel -> Style["xxxx", 24]
POSTED BY: S M Blinder

Dear Mr. S M Blinder, Thanks for your reply but my intention is to change the LegendSize only not the size of the PlotLabel, FrameLabel or Ticks. I can't find any information to change the LegendSize only. Thanks. JosK

POSTED BY: Jos Klaps

Hello, Can we change the size from the PlotLegends only (without the AxesLabel)? Thanks. JosK

POSTED BY: Jos Klaps

Use Style for axis labels to choose font size, for example

AxesLabel -> {Style[x, 24], Style[y, 24]}
POSTED BY: S M Blinder
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