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I wish to create a function returns a binomial and initializes an integer

Posted 10 years ago

I would know how to do this in an object orientated language, it would be something like this:

int rss = null;

 int Define_RSS(int a, int b, int c, int d){

  int output = (code functionality)
  rss = (some more functionality)
  return output

I have succeeded in creating basic functions ie: d_rss[a_,b_,c_]:=sum[a+1,{2b,3c,etc}]

but I am having a spot of trouble with a whole load of operations I need in my function.

Also I am having a great deal of trouble trying to articulate my mathematical problem in order to get help on forums, some help with describing the problem would be amazing, I need help to articulate so I can ask more effectively for help here and on stack overflow.

This is my problem but i'm not really asking for the solution, I would like to know what's not clearly explained:

I have a three dimensional table and I need to crunch that table data in relation to a specific equation that relates to a 3D plane, therefore I need a function that takes the arguments that describe a plane and then sum the vertical residual sum for each point in the table data,

(the equation, if your interested is z = ax + by + c and then the sum of the residuals are r (i) = z (i) - ax (i) - by (i) - c, these need to be added together to give the rss)

To describe what I want the function to do in an object orientated way I could do

rss = 0;
z =0;
for(table ix){
 for(table iy){
  for(table iz){

   z[zi]+= a[ix]+b[iy]+c - (z[iz]-=a[ix]-b[iy]-cc

Although this code is still very wrong i want to convert this into double sigma notation.

Seriously don't know how much help you all are thanks.

POSTED BY: jethro holcroft
           I have succeeded in creating basic functions ie: `d_rss[a_,b_,c_]:=sum[a+1,{2b,3c,etc}]`

You should not use underscore in names of functions and variables in Mathematica. The underscore is a very special character in Mathematica.

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Nasser M. Abbasi
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