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I am having trouble writing a limit in mathematica, help please?

I am writing like this Limit[ln[1+[n]^[1/2]+[n]^[1/3]]/ln[1+[n]^[1/3]+[n]^[1/4]], n->?] Where am I doing wrong with the parenthesis?

POSTED BY: Kadir Sertcanli
Posted 10 years ago

In[1]:= Limit[Log[1 + n^(1/2) + n^(1/3)]/Log[1 + n^(1/3) + n^(1/4)], n -> [Infinity]]

Out[1]= 3/2

How to Use Brackets and Braces Correctly <- Click me, click me

Mathematica is case sensitive and is completely unforgiving if you fail to correctly spell or capitalize a function name

POSTED BY: Bill Simpson
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