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How to embed various cell groups into a latex project?

Posted 10 years ago

I'm an author and a coder, and I want to reference various parts of various notebooks in my latex project. I've tried doing the following, I'm looking for a better unified way of more tightly and elegantly coupling pieces of my mathematica work into my latex projects:

  • Using hyperlinks to notebooks (too simple)
  • Print the note as a pdf and embed it (printing in Mathematica is error prone)
  • Manually export cells as images and include them as graphics (doesn't update when the code changes)

Yes, I realized this more of an open-ended discussion than a specific question.

POSTED BY: Mike Reynolds

If you wouldn't mind clarifying, is your goal simply to point the reader to a section of your notebook or to actually embed cell groups in some form into the LaTeX document?

POSTED BY: Jesse Friedman
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