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Ideas for a final project for a Software Engineering class

Posted 10 years ago

Hello everybody I need your help because I need to do a final project with mathematica for a class but I don't have ideas so if anyone help me said me ideas for my project I'm very grateful with all the community. At the moment I learned functions, take, table, range, most, rest, complement, IntegerDigits and it's all. Thank you. If the idea focus to a scientist area is better.

POSTED BY: Camilo Pacheco

If you've learned already this, you could do a retiree's Manipulate in the mind of Annuity with irregular payments: What deposit should a retiree do now if she or he wants to earn amounts {{a1,t1},{a2,t2}, ..., {aN,tN}} (aX - amounts, tX - points in time) while the interest rates move as {{i1,{0,ti1}},{i2,{ti1,ti2}},..., {iQ, {ti(Q-1),tiN}}}, note that interest rates change not neccessarily at a time where an amount should be payed out. Strive for generality in input. Get the formulae right. Make a design where the user can put in wanted amounts with points in time as well as interest rates changing at other points in time. If you are willing to take into account modern European banking you have to allow also for negative interest rates! It's not a scientist's area but it gives some degree of complexity with not too complicated formulae at the heart. Much is about input organization. Try to provide some means of verification for your customer. Make educated choices about lower and upper bounds for the input. Be honest, tell the user if an exception appeared or you cannot find a solution. Check the input before going to deliver results. Have a look into the help about the financial built-in functions Financial Computation as well as Actuarial Computation. Keep stuff simple and stupid. Have nevertheless fun with it!

Possibly a Manipulate is too much in the beginning to ask for, if you do a Module, the design is already given

retiree[{{a1,t1}, {a2,t2}, ..., {aN,tN}},  
        {{i1,{0,ti1}}, {i2,{ti1,ti2}}, ..., {iQ, {ti(Q-1),tiN}}}]

the result should be the amount to deposit now and at least one or two graphics not causing a face palm from customer's site ...

POSTED BY: Udo Krause
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