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Manipulate[ FindRoot[..] ... ]

who can help me to improve this algorithm and extract values Manipulate[] for reuse

X = (H (\[Delta]/Pn)^\[Delta])^(1/(
 1 - \[Delta])); Nx =  \[Delta]/Pn X; Bx = (1 - \[Delta]) X ;
f[Z_] = -0.0003*(Z)^3 + 0.006*(Z)^2 - 0.1*(Z) + 1;  
K = A f[X]; Bn = Pn K; 
R = Bx + Bn; Xc = \[Alpha] R; Nc = (1 - \[Alpha])/Pn R; 
Simplify[K == Nc + Nx ] ;  (*6*)
Simplify[X1 == X];   (*7*)
Simplify[Bx1 == Bx];  (*8*)
Simplify[Bn1 == Bn]  ; (*9*)
Simplify[K1 == K] ;(*10*) 
Simplify[\[Alpha]Nx == Nx]; (*11*)
Simplify[\[Alpha]Nc == Nc];  (*12*)
Simplify[\[Alpha]Xc == Xc];  (*13*)
 FindRoot[{Out[6], Out[7], Out[8], Out[9], Out[10], Out[11], Out[12], 
   Out[13]}, {{Pn, 1}, {X1, 1}, {Bx1 , 1}, {Bn1 , 1}, {K1, 
    1}, {\[Alpha]Nx, 1}, {\[Alpha]Nc, 1}, {\[Alpha]Xc, 1}}]
 , {H, 4, 5}, {M, 4, 2}, {\[Epsilon], 0.4, 2}, {\[Delta], 0.3, 
  2}, {\[Alpha], 0.5, 1}, {A, 20, 100}]
POSTED BY: Harvey Vargas
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thank you very much, the last thing I would like to know is if I can somehow make it show me the values of Manipulate [] as tables.

 FindRoot[{eq[Pn, k, a, h, d] == 0, 
   x[Pn, h, d] == casax}, {{casax, 1}, {Pn, 0.5966337871664869}}], {h,
   4, 5}, {d, 0.3, 2}, {a, 0.5, 1}, {k, 20, 100}]
POSTED BY: Harvey Vargas

You have defined x to be a function of Pn only, but in fact, it is dependent on several other parameters and you are not passing those values into the function. So, they are global. But inside Manipulate, they are local control variables. One way to address this is to make sure all of your functions pass in all of the parameter values:

x[Pn_, h_, d_] := (h (d/Pn)^d)^(1/(1 - d));

nx[Pn_, h_, d_] := d/Pn x[Pn, h, d];

Bx[Pn_, h_, d_] := (1 - d)*x[Pn, h, d];

f[z_] := -0.0003*z^3 + 0.006*z^2 - 0.1*z + 1;

n[Pn_, k_, h_, d_] := k f[x[Pn, h, d]];

Bn[Pn_, k_, h_, d_] := Pn n[Pn, k, h, d];

r[Pn_, k_, h_, d_] := Bx[Pn, h, d] + Bn[Pn, k, h, d];

xc[Pn_, a_, k_, h_, d_] := a r[Pn, k, h, d];

nc[Pn_, a_, k_, h_, d_] := (1 - a)/Pn r[Pn, k, h, d];

eq[Pn_, k_, a_, h_, d_] := 
  n[Pn, k, h, d] - nc[Pn, a, k, h, d] - nx[Pn, h, d];

 FindRoot[eq[Pn, k, a, h, d] == 0, {Pn, 0.5966337871664869`}], {h, 4, 
  5}, {d, 0.3, 2}, {a, 0.5, 1}, {k, 20, 100}]
POSTED BY: Jeffrey Bryant

Thank you very much, and manages to incorporate variables as functions but Manipulate [] does not work me, someone can help me

x[Pn_] := (h (d/Pn)^d)^(1/(1 - d)); nx[Pn_] :=   d/Pn x[Pn]; 
Bx[Pn_] := (1 - d)*x[Pn]; f[z_] := -0.0003*z^3 + 0.006*z^2 - 0.1*z + 1;
n[Pn_] := k f[x[Pn]]; Bn[Pn_] := Pn n[Pn]; r[Pn_] := Bx[Pn] + Bn[Pn]; 
xc[Pn_] := a r[Pn] ; nc[Pn_] := (1 - a)/Pn r[Pn];
eq[Pn_] := n[Pn] - nc[Pn] - nx[Pn];
Manipulate[FindRoot[eq[Pn] == 0, {Pn, 0.5966337871664869`}], {h, 4, 5}, {d, 0.3, 2}, {a, 0.5, 1}, {k, 20, 100}]
POSTED BY: Harvey Vargas
Posted 10 years ago

Here are some improvement suggestions: 1) you should use Definition if it is really a definition to be evaluated later on. f[Z_] is not proper in your code and you should write it as f[Z] instead because you use simple assignment rule. 2) do not use single Capital letters for variable names as they may interfere with Mathematica global variables 3) use single Simplify command to reduce the number of equations in one simple equations={eq1, eq2, ...eq13}//Simplify 4) Manipulate[ FindRoot[equations, ...], followed by parameter sliders

Hope this helps


POSTED BY: Tugrul Temel

You could try to assign the outputs of the Simplify[] commands to variables, for instance out6, out7, etc. (to keep things looking the same).

the problem is that I have not managed to run me otherwise, everything works perfectly but fails to work me without using the OUT [%] also would eliminate all that and the program work without placing me Simplify[]


POSTED BY: Harvey Vargas

First off, you should never use Out[] except when working interactively. The numbers in the brackets change. Once you have fixed this, the rest might make more sense.

Also, while it is neat to use greek letters, for plain code, they make the code less clear -- never a good thing. If you want alpha to show up in the UI, then there is an option in manipulate to display the greek letter while the code uses an ascii letter.

Finally, you really should not start your variable names with a capital letter. Wolfram Language uses a surprising number of them both internally and externally.

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