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Creating Declination and Right ascendance for my earth model

Posted 10 years ago

Hi everybody, I need help to create a Celestial sphere around my earth model. Or least to make that mathematica would understand the longitude and altitude and mark the object on my earth. I have created my earth model using RevolutionPlot3D by using wikicode earth package:

First@RevolutionPlot3D[{Sin@t, Cos@t}, {t, 0, Pi}, 
  PlotStyle -> {Texture@
  TextureCoordinateFunction -> ({#5, 1 - #4} &), Mesh -> None, 
  PlotPoints -> 50]

Suggestions, hints and codes are welcome. Thank you very much.

POSTED BY: Marijus Kunickas

Conversion between celestial and horizontal coordinates is discussed in

POSTED BY: S M Blinder
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