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Converting between Gregorian and Julian dates in Wolfram|Alpha

Posted 10 years ago

Converting between the Gregorian and Julian calendars, I sometimes get results which don't seem to make sense.

I have seen the instructions for CalendarConvert and tried to follow the instructions. I used 1584, 1, 8, which should be January 8, 1584. CalendarConvert[DateObject[{1584, 1, 8}], "Julian"

The result was, Wolfram|Alpha doesn't understand your query.

I've tried the more conventional format and it sometimes worked. This did seem to work: convert julian date January 2, 1584 to the Gregorian calendar Julian calendar | Thursday, January 12, 1584 (Gregorian calendar)

Then I tried 2 January, 11584 and got Tuesday, March 27, 11584

It works for the years 1000, 900, 800...100, but when I try Jan. 2, 99 AD it doesn't understand my query. When I try Jan. 2, 98, it gives me the conversion for 1998. When I try Jan. 2, 15, it gives me the conversion for 2015. And when I try Jan. 2, -115, it has this:

convert convert Saturday, January 2, 115 BC (extrapolated Gregorian calendar) to Julian calendar to Gregorian calendar 5 January, 115 BC (Julian calendar) Saturday, January 2, 115 BC (extrapolated Gregorian calendar)

So it's switching the calendars around.

Is there something I should do differently? Thanks.

POSTED BY: steve mendy

It looks like there might be multiple issues here.

The query to change Jan. 2 15 AD to the gregorian calendar seems to work fine when I try it:

I don't see some of the other problems you mention. Can you link to them?

As you noted, the BC years appear to not work. When you see a query not working, you can always leave a feedback for the Wolfram|Alpha team by filling the form at the bottom of the website. I've done already in case you don't see this.

CalendarConvert and DateObject are expressions in the Wolfram Language.

CalendarConvert[DateObject[{-10, 1, 8}, CalendarType -> "Julian"], "Gregorian"]

WolframAlpha tries to support natural language. To evaluate Wolfram Language expressions, you would use Mathematica or Mathematica online.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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