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Is there a smarter way to create an input box?

Posted 10 years ago

My code needs to take a URL address as a value However I have absolutley no clue as to how to utilise the dynamic input field function I am presently using:

t = Import[

However within my function I am using manipulate like so...


 With[{plane = DefineRSS[a, b, c]}, 
  Show[Plot3D[plane, {x, -10, 1000}, {y, -10, 100}, 
    AxesLabel -> {X, Y, Z}, PlotLabel -> rss, 
    PlotStyle -> 
     Directive[Yellow, Specularity[White, 20], Opacity[0.5]]], 
...... etc .......

What Iwant to know is how to apply "{InputField[Dynamic[x]], Dynamic[x]}" in manipulate without creating errors, I would like to change the url in real time.

POSTED BY: jethro holcroft
Posted 10 years ago

Manipulate[ t = Quiet[ Check[Import[url], {{"error, please provide a valid link"}}]];

Pane[TableForm[t], {Full, 300}, Scrollbars -> True, AppearanceElements -> None] , {{url, ""}, InputField[Dynamic[url], String, ImageSize -> {500, 35}] &} ]

Im getting strange errors, could I have some help?

POSTED BY: jethro holcroft
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