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modifying exponentials using a rule

Posted 10 years ago

For an expression like

E^(I x Subscript[p1, m] - I x Subscript[p1, \[Mu]] - 
 I x Subscript[p2, m] - I x Subscript[p2, \[Mu]])

how does one go about substituing E^(x*Subscript[p1, m]) with E^(Subscript[\[Omega], Subscript[p1, m]] t - Subscript[p1, m] r), and continute to substitue (with explicitly replacing each string), so that E^(-I x Subscript[p1, \[Mu]])would be replaced by E^(-r Subscript[p1, \[Mu]] + t Subscript[\[Omega], Subscript[p1, \[Mu]]]) and so on?

POSTED BY: Yaj Bhattacharya
2 Replies
Posted 10 years ago

Is this perhaps what you are looking for?

In[1]:= E^(I x Subscript[p1, m]-I x Subscript[p1, \[Mu]]-I x Subscript[p2, m]-I x Subscript[p2, \[Mu]]) /. 

Out[1]= E^(
 I (-r Subscript[p1, m] + t Subscript[\[Omega], Subscript[p1, m]]) - 
 I (-r Subscript[p1, \[Mu]] + t Subscript[\[Omega], Subscript[p1, \[Mu]]]) - 
 I (-r Subscript[p2, m] + t Subscript[\[Omega], Subscript[p2, m]]) - 
 I (-r Subscript[p2, \[Mu]] + t Subscript[\[Omega], Subscript[p2, \[Mu]]]))
POSTED BY: Bill Simpson

Yes Bill, that's it. I have no idea why my browser can't render the Mathematica display (firefox and chrome).

POSTED BY: Yaj Bhattacharya
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