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Unable to pull data visible on WolframAlpha result via Mathematica

Posted 9 years ago

Hi there,

I've written an interactive parametric using a Manipulate object and wanted to include some of the "popular curves", so that I could get Mathematica to draw pokemon and stuff for my students when I teach them parametric equations. Using the commands

WolframAlpha["Donald duck curve", {{"EquationsPod:PopularCurveData", 1}, "FormattedData"}]
WolframAlpha["Articuno curve", {{"EquationsPod:PopularCurveData", 1}, "FormattedData"}]

etc. pulls the parametric equation defining the curve straight from WolframAlpha to Mathematica output. However, I noticed that one specific case, despite the parametric equation being shown on WolframAlpha, Mathematica insists that there is no data:

In[48]:=   WolframAlpha["Magneton curve", {{"EquationsPod:PopularCurveData", 1}, "FormattedData"}]
Out[48]= Missing["NotAvailable"]

Some other popular curves also return Missing, but those don't have the equations displayed on the WolframAlpha output, where the page for Magneton does. I have a Mathematica license but not an Alpha one, so I can't just copy paste the equation either. Any ideas, or is this just a bug or something?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: After getting the Missing result for about 12 hours, I decided to try one last time before going to bed and it decided to work arbitrarily. Does anyone know if this is a common issue when trying to pull long outputs? I thought maybe it was timing out half way through and so just returned Missing, but even setting the time limit high didn't seem to matter. The time it worked I just ran it as normal and it returned results in a few seconds like the others; strange!

POSTED BY: Tom Bennett


I just tried it on my laptop (OS X 10.10.2; MMA10.0.2) and it worked fine. It also works on WolframAlpha Pro.



POSTED BY: Marco Thiel
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