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Package-X: A Mathematica package for one-loop integrals

Posted 10 years ago

Just wanted to let the Community know that a new package from Hiren H. Patel is available.

Package-X, a Mathematica package for the analytic computation of one-loop integrals dimensionally regulated near 4 spacetime dimensions is described. Package-X computes arbitrarily high rank tensor integrals with up to three propagators, and gives compact expressions of UV divergent, IR divergent, and finite parts for any kinematic configuration involving real-valued external invariants and internal masses. Output expressions can be readily evaluated numerically and manipulated symbolically with built-in Mathematica functions. Emphasis is on evaluation speed, on readability of results, and especially on user-friendliness. Also included is a routine to compute traces of products of Dirac matrices, and a collection of projectors to facilitate the computation of fermion form factors at one-loop. The package is intended to be used both as a research tool and as an educational tool.

POSTED BY: Sam Carrettie
2 Replies

I don't understand the subject but it looks really cool!

POSTED BY: Kay Herbert

Indeed, Kay, same here. I just thought it would make a nice addition to Mathematica Add-Ons group which features some cool stuff already.

POSTED BY: Sam Carrettie
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