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Innovation this Summer with Wolfram!

Posted 10 years ago

Announcing more summer fun with two new programs for innovators:

Wolfram Innovation Summer School This is for all ages, for making new products and companies. Its structure is based on the science summer school..

Wolfram Tech Innovation Summer Camp This is for those under age 18, a camp atmosphere, innovation fun. Its structure is based on the summer camp.

These programs promise a unique opportunity to meet other creative and capable founders, explorers, makers, as well as interacting with Stephen Wolfram and his staff.

These are the innovation side of the Wolfram Summer Programs

POSTED BY: Todd Rowland
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There have already been a lot of strong applicants to the Innovation Summer School, so it should be high quality crowd.

We don't have a set number that we are looking at, but it should be comparable to the Science Summer School. That number ranges from 20-50.

POSTED BY: Todd Rowland

This is really exciting news!

summer fun

Last year we had a diverse group of innovators coming to the Wolfram Science Summer School. I am grateful that now there is a school for them. I guess that they will still benefit from the other programs that will be run in parallel.

Does the Innovation Summer School have limitations on the number of students admitted?

POSTED BY: Bernat Espigulé
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