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Mindmapping with Wolfram language?

Posted 9 years ago

Hello everybody,

I have been using Freeplane, a mindmapping program, for a long time to organize large amounts of information. I can semantically organize literally everything there is to know, so that I can make connections, eliminate redundancies (very common in social science!), and try to develop new knowledge. I can't say enough about how much I love mindmaps.

If you're not familiar with mindmaps, they're basically concept maps that allow for very rapid data entry. They focus less on the artsy crap and give you keyboard shortcuts to get your ideas down extremely quickly.

I'm just now getting into programming and Mathematica. The Wolfram products have all sorts of in-built abilities to create visuals of data; are mindmaps one of those visuals? This could go for Mathematica or any other product made by Wolfram.

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For mind maps I'd recommend to look into Graph & Networks. See for example Build Food Webs.

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Sam Carrettie

Hello, I was using the following mindmaping applications Freeplane and now am using SIMPLEMIND & XMIND. Today after long observation, am looking forward to assemble a team of wolfram programer whom can collaborate to develop an optimized and simple MindMaping application using wolfram. With Wolfram wide multi-disciplinary tools (Parralel Computing, Alghrithms; Crypto; Computational...) this appz can be the most Secure/Encrypted, Optimized (Clean, Effective codes), Simple & Scalable (Sync, Add-on) with specific key Features that are designed for particular niche Market; and it shall run accross all platfroms (On cloud, Android, PC, Mac, BlackBerry; and support OpenBSD; Raspberry p2...) Who do you know can join me build this appz? Thank you for your collaboration

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