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Is SystemModeler Compatible with OpenModelica Power Systems Library?

Posted 9 years ago

After loading OpenModelica PowerSystems Library, an attempt to simulate any of the included examples results in an error:

" Connector .PowerSystems.Generic.Ports.Terminal_n is not balanced: The number of potential variables (3) is not equal to the number of flow variables (2)"

Can this be fixed by the user, or require new SystemModeler release? Thanks, G

3 Replies
Posted 3 years ago

WSM 12.2 appears to be compatible with OpenIPSL 2.0 Beta! They are still working on the examples, so there may be errors in the code which are fixable. OpenIPSL allows dynamic analysis of the power system and even has a new distribution hybrid that will allow single phase distribution analysis with the transmission-level analysis.

POSTED BY: Glen Halley


According to the Modelica specification 3.2rev2, section 9.3.1: For each non-partial connector class the number of flow variables shall be equal to the number of variables that are neither parameter, constant, input, output, stream nor flow. Basically saying that the number of flow variables should be equal to the number of potential variables. this might cause the problem in the library.

We will take a look at this and verify whether it's a library problem or due to something that is not supported in WSM yet. you.

POSTED BY: Jan Brugard
Posted 9 years ago


It doesn't seem like this can be fixed easily by the user and would require some improvements to SystemModeler.

POSTED BY: Updating Name
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