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How to ensure that the EXPANDED answer is produced

Posted 10 years ago

Hi All,

I have this very large output and every time I tried to "Show all", Mathematica crashes and when I tried to do it with "Show more", it took about an hour and it eventually crashed. When it opened again, it returned the following: $OutputSizeLimit::nosess: This output can only be updated in the same kernel session that generated it. >>. My questions are:

  1. Is it possible to force the output to come displayed in its full expanded form?
  2. Is it possible to continue expanding the crashed kernel despite the error message shown above?

Thanks for the help.


POSTED BY: olayinka oyekola
2 Replies

The manual tutorial/ControllingTheDisplayOfLargeExpressions speaks about the preference dialog: using the set size limit option can bring a message back

enter image description here

A better solution would be not to display the ouput but to export and later on import it again:

In[2]:=  xHuge = aGoogolFactory[1,2,3,4]; // output surpressed
In[3]:= Export["xHuge.txt", xHuge,....];
In[4]:= Remove[xHuge]
In[5]:= xHuge = Import["xHuge.txt", ...]; // output surpressed again
(* analyze xHuge without displaying it! *)

To continue expanding the crashed kernel the crashing kernel had to write a process image as part of it's crash down (that will not happen, of course) and second one has to be able to start Mathematica using that process image (that will also not happen for ordinary users; developers and bug hunters might be able to that on their own in the big bug bag beg laboratory)

POSTED BY: Udo Krause

Thanks Udo.

POSTED BY: olayinka oyekola
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