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BOOK: Math Art Graphics, Typeset with Mathematica

Here is some information on a book that I made almost entirely with Mathematica.

Geometric Design: An Artful Portfolio of Mathematical Graphics

by Christopher Alan Arthur

As far as what wasn't done with Mathematica, there is one model that I exported to Pov-Ray for a finishing touch on the pictures, and otherwise there were a few finishing touches with Adobe Acrobat for getting the file optimized for the press.

Summary Page on CreateSpace

Book Review on Leonardo Reviews

Sample Pages

enter image description here

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Oh yeah? I suppose that a daemon would possess a set that contains itself. Work on self-similarity.

Posted 7 years ago

Damn, I'll actually have to do some thinking ;-)

POSTED BY: rhealey
Posted 7 years ago

I just bought your book, from Amazon. Beautiful pictures. Have you put up, or would be interested in putting up, the mathematica programs that generated them?

POSTED BY: rhealey


Here's the one picture that used pov-ray in addition to Mathematica.

sample image from book, a fractal tree

Very nice, Arthur, can this be 3D printed? At least exported to STL or similar?

POSTED BY: Sam Carrettie

If it were to be printed, there would need to be a way beforehand to hollow out the root while keeping the extremities nearly solid. It's not impossible.

yes and at 600 dpi even

These are beautiful geometric designs. Does this book include all the 24 designs listed in your Portfolio?

POSTED BY: Bernat Espigulé
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