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How do I use correctly use curly brackets in wolfram for multi-functions?

Posted 9 years ago

Example, if I'm trying to find the limit x approaching 2 of f(x) and I have the following equation: (imagine the two curly brackets are just one big stretched one that holds everything)

f(x)= {2x+1 considering x<2

{x^2 considering x>2

How would I go about entering this in? This would be really helpful.

POSTED BY: Symond Hendricks
4 Replies

x_ means that x is an undetermined variable. You need to look at the Mathematica documentation

POSTED BY: S M Blinder

You can also use

f[x_] := Which[x < 2, 2 x + 1, x > 2, x^2]

although this leaves f[2] undefined

POSTED BY: S M Blinder

Can you elaborate? Your formula looks alot better than the messy piecewise code. I'd like to use it!

What do you mean by the _ in f[x_]? and when I write it out do I also write ":= Which"

What would be another random example (doesn't have to be a real equation) for say a piecewise function with THREE different functions?

POSTED BY: Symond Hendricks

Use Piecewise. The documentation center has examples and sample code.

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