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Documentation for packages on RaspberryPi

Posted 8 years ago
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I copied a package I wrote from my Mac to a RaspberryPi2 and while the package runs fine, the Documentation for it is not readily accessible. On the Mac, my packages' documentation is accessible to the user under the Help, Wolfram Documentation, AddOns and Packages menu item. But there is no such menu item on the Raspberry Pi build of Mathematica 10. So what is a nice way to provide package documentation on the Pi?

I don't have my RPi in front of me at the moment, but one option would be to create a function that specifically opens the notebook containing the documentation. For example, packageHelp[] := NotebookOpen["<path>/help.nb"]; One would have to use the appropriate path generation code to ensure that it works regardless of where the package is installed.

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