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Possible topics for master's project using Wolfram Language ?

Posted 9 years ago

I am a graduate student. I am planning to do one year project work on linear algebra using Mathematica. Until now i have studied transformations, elementary canonical forms ,rational and jordan canonical forms and their applications,inner product spaces, functional analysis and little bit of spectral theory. Please suggest me some linear algebra project topics which can be implemented in Mathematica. Pardon me if this question is too broad to answer but I really need some help to decide the project.


POSTED BY: Emily Hartl
3 Replies

I posted some possibilities in the identical (but not cross-referenced) MSE thread.

POSTED BY: Daniel Lichtblau

I am coping Daniel's responses here:

  • This is not Mathematica specific but rather related to the field of Symbolic Computation (also know as Computer Algebra). You might consider investigating efficient algorithms for putting symbolic matrices into the rational canonical form (which, I'll add, is not in Mathematica proper; we do have JordanDecomposition but that requires arithmetic over radical extensions of the base field). There is some literature on the topic but there may well be room for algorithmic improvements sufficiently strong as to qualify for dissertation-level work.

  • Of course for rational canonical form, or related types of work, Mathematica can be used for reference implementation, experimenting with different approaches, etc.

  • There is some work in the past decade or so on symbolic row reduction, in terms of developing efficient methods and new notions of "canonical" forms that might be better suited than older ones for symbolic computation. Check work coauthored by David Jeffrey, e.g. "Fraction-free matrix factors: new forms for LU and QR factors".

POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov

Graduate student in what field?

POSTED BY: Frank Kampas
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