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How to make more memory available for big raster?

Posted 10 years ago

HI, I tried to save an output as a Jpeg image, where the output contain 67 Medium size ListLinePlots in a Table. In the notebook it appears as a two column matrix with 34 rows. I received a Message from Mathematica:

During evaluation In Rasterize::bigraster: Not enough memory available to rasterize Notebook expression.>

Is there a setting in Preferences that would overwrite the default? The machine has 64GB RAM and one ListLinePlot is about 127K, so it is not really a memory issue, I think.

Thanks ahead, János

POSTED BY: Janos Lobb
3 Replies
Posted 10 years ago

I'm not 100% on this but looking at the in[3573]:= means you have had a session/s open for a long time with a lot of things cached, perhaps if you shut Mathematica down fully including any help files and then re-run your code will solve your problem.


POSTED BY: Paul Cleary

Typically, a graphics system has a maximum texture size. Some are in pixels, some are in bytes. I believe 4096x4096 is still the most common, but what it is for you depends on platform, video card driver, etc...

POSTED BY: Ian Hojnicki
Posted 10 years ago

Tried that, did not work. It must be a limit set inside Mathematica. The machine is a MacPro with 64GB RAM 512GB internal drive, so even Virtual ram has plenty of resources. Interestingly I was able to print the Selection as a pdf. Printing it to a jpeg also did work but created junk, because text elements on the plots were enlarged without enlarging the spacing in between them. I have no clue how that could have slipped through quality control at Wolfram.

POSTED BY: Janos Lobb
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