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Mathematica default graphics size strange Chrome Inernet Explorer behavior

Posted 7 years ago
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I recently bought a Lenovo Yoga II Pro which has a 3200x1800 screen resolution. When I open Demonstrations in Chrome (or IE) I get this annoying display: CDF file

a NB file looks like this: NB in browser

Is there some kind of setting to adjust font sizes or graphic sizes to normal proportions? I'm running the latest versions of Mathematica and Player.

3 Replies

Mathematica (and CDF Player) does not support High DPI displays on Windows. What you see in the plugin is the disconnect between Chrome (at a scale > 100%) and Mathematica/CDF Player.

Thanks, but I would think that this can be adjusted. After all, this kind of screen resolution is not that unusual anymore.

Posted 7 years ago

My screen resolution is 3840 x 2160 but I have altered the text and icon size in windows to 150%, its a lot easier to read things then. Paul.

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