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Knowing when to use each of these 6 CDF flavors?

Posted 9 years ago

When to use each of these CDF flavors:
-Standallone CDF
-WebEmbeddable CDF

To create a CDF file by the menu "file, CDF export" is straight forward. Depending on the functions you use you need the free player or the pro player. For example the use of URLFetch is fine in the FreePlayer but interpreting the results with ImportString needs the pro-player.

The Wolfram Cloud has functions like

  • CloudDeploy[ExportForm[expr,"HTMLCloudCDF"],"/name"]
  • CloudDeploy[ExportForm[expr,"CloudCDF"], "/name"]
  • CloudDeploy[ExportForm[expr,"CloudCDFAllowingPlugin"],"/name"]
  • CloudDeploy[ExportForm[expr,"HTMLCloudCDFAllowingPlugin"], "/name"]

How this works is unclear to me? The more specific question is how do i create a webpage with partly html and partly cdf content? The cdf part has a much faster interface and maybe i am allowed to use all cdf functionality since I use it on a Wolfram Cloud webpage that is paid for by the credit system. (I need the ImportString command!)

Does the format options using "plugin" refer to the cdf plugin to be used on a none wolfram server and does HTMLClOUdCDF/CloudCDF offer a fast cdf-interface in a WolframCloud page? A few function examples to point out the difference would really help? I hope to use the CDF on a Wolfram Server webpage to add speed to a web/cdf userinterface.

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A reasonably good introduction is:

It seems to me there is some tune-up by WRI to make the CDF Player easier and fully functional.

One important feature that is missing is the ability to have applications with packages and style sheets. In the example I've been working with this all works if I install the application in the Wolfram Research files, but not if I install in the user data files. Research papers might often be developed with private package code. And if there is more than one CDF document it should be possible to use one user defined style sheet for all of them.

If you are working with Mathematica installed it has to be absolutely clear how you test a deployment without interaction with your Mathematica.

And I don't understand the Enterprise CDF option. I have the Enterprise edition of Mathematica (at least I paid full price when I bought it) and Premier Service but when I try to deploy from the Menu it does not give the Enterprise CDF option, contrary to what they imply.

And when I open the example within the Wolfram CDF Player I get a message : "This notebook was created in a more recent version of the Wolfram System, and may not function properly with the older front end you are using." Why is that?

So this is not smooth and not really usable for a typical researcher. Too many snags!

Have you tried to ask WRI (more) directly via customer service mail?

POSTED BY: Kuba Podkalicki

How rapidly does your deployment suck up cloud credits?


A click to fetch something from the database is about 7 credits. Its 35 dollar for 100k credits. The other elements use less.
The main question is how a CloudCDF differs from the technology used in the CDF Player. CloudCDF has browser technology as a frontend and not a plugin. In other words: what part of the expressions are translated into browser client code (for ex. javascript) and what needs the intervention of the cloud kernel. Any Ideas?

You're well ahead of me on cloud deployments - I'm still stuck on FreeCDF until I can figure out the Cloud.


I created a small userintface via:
CloudDeploy[ExportForm[expr,"CloudCDF"], "/cdftest"]

This is how it looks. enter image description here

This contains code to URLFetch data from a MongDB server. It also uses ImportString to translate the JSON. It works fine and since I used the option "CloudCDF" in deploying it to the web it must be a Cloud CDF. I conclude all functions are possible and no pro-player upgrade is needed. The only thing is it looks like a notebook and I need to remove the layout because the intention is to build a customer interface.

If i read the cloudobject via CloudImport["/cdftest","Text"] it starts with Notebook[ .... ]. I suspect the page is evaluated by a cloudkernel and then formatted to look like a notebook by a css file.

The main question remains -what is the difference between a cdf embedded player and a CloudDeploy to a CloudCDF object.- Any ideas?

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