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GeoPath[] confused by certain coordinates?

Posted 9 years ago

Hello Group:

I ran a GeoGraphics[] sample using GeoPath[] like this and it runs as expected:

With[{locations = {GeoPosition[{-35, -55}], GeoPosition[{70, 100}]}}, 
 GeoGraphics[{{Blue, GeoPath[locations, "Geodesic"]}}, 
  GeoRange -> "World", GeoProjection -> "Robinson"]]

I tried to change the endpoints of the path to Hong Kong and Mexico City. First I tried this using an entities, like what is shown (attached).

It produces a line that goes into space. The following tests all produce the same result:

reversing the endpoints

substituting the GeoPosition[] explicitly (i.e. {22.284, 114.15}, {19.43, -99.14} )

changing the GeoProjection -> "Albers"

So I cannot get this to work.

Any help with this issue is appreciated.

Environment is Win8.1, Mathematica 10.1

POSTED BY: Aeyoss Antelope

We are aware of this and our teams are looking into it. In a meantime a workaround is manually selecting a GeoRange in which the path does not need to be broken in two pieces.

POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
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