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xPrint v.1.4 Release

Posted 9 years ago

I have the pleasure to inform you that Version 1.4 of xPrint is now available.

xPrint is a palette GUI for the powerful xAct tensor calculus suite of Mathematica packages.

Featuring on-the-fly syntactic/semantic term-wise input validation, xPrint offers comfortable, safe and natural flowing WYSIWYG typeset input of tensorial expressions of arbitrary complexity.

The xAct suite of packages adds unrivalled tensor manipulation capabilities to Mathematica.

xPrint and xAct are free, GPL licensed packages

So...what are you waiting for? xPrint forward with your tensors!

Download xPrint at

Visit the xAct web site and download the suite at

I have attached a xPrinted notebook so you can get a very simple idea of the capabiities of xAct. All input cells are evaluated, so you can read it as a e-book , but to really perform the calculations you need to install xAct and xPrint

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Hi Karl, I am in the process of updating the screenshots which are from version 1.0. I have updated the original post and attached a sample xPrinted nb. But notice that xPrint is just a cool graphics interface to the xAct packages. If you are intrigued, I suggest you visit the xAct web site

The screen shots aren't very informative. Could you post an example, say calculating the Riemann tensor from the metric tensor?

POSTED BY: Frank Kampas
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