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Bugcheck - HTMLFragment and FullDocument -> True

Posted 10 years ago

If you are reading this please check the extend of this bug and confirm or propose workarround. (tested on win 7 64 and mma 10.1)

Evaluated in the desktopkernel results in a Null:

ExportString[Grid[{{"aaa", "bbb"}, {"ccc", "ddd"}}], "HTMLFragment", "FullDocument" -> True]

Evaluated in a WEB notebook it delivers a full html page but there is no content inserted in the page.

It seems to affect many more function. Try this.

CloudExport[Grid[{{"aaa", "bbb"}, {"ccc", "ddd"}}], "HTML"]

When you click the link the grid does not show. CloudExport seems to use FullDocument internally.

This one does not work because ExportForm is used and it internally uses FullDocument -> true.

CloudDeploy[ExportForm[Grid[{{"aaa", "bbb"}, {"ccc", "ddd"}}], "HTML"], "test"]

This one creates a web notebook with correct content. I must conclude it does not use FullDocument -> True internally.

CloudDeploy[Grid[{{"aaa", "bbb"}, {"ccc", "ddd"}}], "test"]

It is not only the option FullDocument -> true that is not working. This is from the 10.1 manual:

template = XMLTemplate["

ExportString[InputField[], "HTMLFragment", "TemplateFunction" -> template]

The TemplateFunction does not insert the HTML code for Inputfield[].

After a while I found out the impact of this error is quite large. All of my demo application contain expressions to be processed by the cloudkernel to generate webpages. None of them produce visible results anymore. My business went offline when Wolfram upgraded the cloud to 10.1 kernel. Okay this is a bit strong because the cloud is beta and errors happen. But on my desktop I can roll-back to 10.0.2 and continue developing. I can't rollback my cloud account.

To resolve this I see 2 solutions. One is the private cloud as in hosting your own wolfram cloud software. Another option is to provide a choice to a cloud subscription to use a certain kernel version. Better still, you can code the kernel version to use in the cloud object expression. Cloud applications already use a new kernel for every calculation so why not include the version to use. The cloud is an exceptional product. I can see Wolfram growing into the business applications world. I also know errors will always be present. The only missing piece is consistency of errors for applications that will run 5 years or more for paying customers. Reliability of errors is even more important than solving errors.

I can confirm that I experience this error as well.

POSTED BY: Jesse Friedman
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