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Mathematica for Raspberry Pi running Unbuntu Mate. How to install?

Posted 9 years ago

Just purchased as Raspberry Pi 2. Was very excited to see a light version of Unbuntu (Ubuntu Mate) available for the Rpi recommended on the Raspberry Pi website. Ubuntu Mate looks very promising, however I have not been able to install Mathematica via "sudo apt-get install..."

I am assuming that the install scripts check the OS and not the hardware???

Is there a way to install Mathematica on the Raspberry platform from the Ubuntu Mate OS? I'd hate to have to switch back to Raspbian just to run Mathematica occasionally.

I'm a very long time Mathematica user. Been using it since it first came out, version 1.0 on a unix box 1987/1988. As a Mechanical Engineer I've done some very amazing things with it, (it will sing and dance for me). Unfortunately, I seem to use it more at home than work. Many employers are reluctant to purchase it for me, (less than half).

I'm a big fan of the software.

POSTED BY: Michael Sciascia
6 Replies

But why use an unstable Jessie or not so far developed and finetuned (for Pi) Ubuntu? Are there any benefits? I´ll use Wheezy until there is an official update.

POSTED BY: Michael Steffen
Posted 9 years ago

1) Jessie is not "unstable" any more. It is the most up-to-date stable Debian distribution. From the 25 Apr announcement:

the Debian project is proud to present its new stable version 8 (code name Jessie), which will be supported for the next 5 years

2) My personal reason was to use G++ 4.9.2 which is the first GNU compiler that properly supports C++11. Yes, this has nothing to do with Mathematica, it just happens that I have C++11 projects for the Pi in addition to my work with Mathematica.

POSTED BY: Andras Aszodi

Relating to 1: But not on the Pi, as it is not officially released there yet:

What about Jessie? Working on it. We're not in a rush to get jessie out before it's ready and quite a few bugs have been caught already. We also can't simply switch to the jessie release in raspbian without updating our packages, or things end up horribly broken. We really need to go over each package individually and decide what to do with it (remove, recompile, modify or move straight across). It will be ready when it's ready. When we're a bit further along, jessie images will probably be added as well.

POSTED BY: Michael Steffen

At this time, Raspbian is the only supported operating system for the Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi 2.


POSTED BY: Ian Johnson
Posted 9 years ago

What is even worse, only the "old" Raspbian aka Debian "Wheezy" aka Version 6 is supported. I upgraded my Pi 2 to Raspbian "Jessie" aka Version 7, and found out that the Mathematica package has disappeared. I asked Wolfram Support, was sent to this forum, posted a question about this issue and received no reply. :-(

So no, looks like if you want to use Mathematica on the Pi 2 then you have to stick with Raspbian "Wheezy".

POSTED BY: Andras Aszodi

So no, looks like if you want to use Mathematica on the Pi 2 then you have to stick with Raspbian "Wheezy".

Though not officially supported for now, it is possible to use Mathematica with Raspbian Jessie.

More details are posted in the StackExchange thread.

POSTED BY: Ilian Gachevski
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